Early Childhood Professional Credential 3.0

The Early Childhood Professional Credential is a voluntary system for all Colorado early childhood professionals to document and quantify their professional growth and accomplishments.  The Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System (PDIS) enables professionals to get the training and qualifications they need to work with young children.  The PDIS provides training that is required to be qualified to work in a licensed childcare program.

The Colorado Professional Credential increases the professionalism of the field by:

  • Recognizing increased skills
  • Standardizing personnel requirements for early childhood programs
  • Uniting those working in various segments of the early childhood field
  • Increasing salaries and benefits

Applications for the Early Childhood Professional Credential 3.0, Large Center Director, Training Credential, and Coaching Credential are all available on PDIS.

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Early Childhood Teacher Qualification

In licensed childcare settings, there are many requirements a professional must meet to be able to care for children, including education, extensive training, and a comprehensive background check.

There are many ways teachers can become qualified to work in early care and education classrooms. These pathways include higher education, classroom experience, and Colorado’s Early Childhood Professional Credential.

Click here to view the Early Childhood Teacher Qualification Pathway Verification Worksheet.

Click here to learn more about Colorado’s pathway to Early Childhood Teacher qualifications.

Large Center Director Qualifications

Applications for Large Center Director are now available on The Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System PDIS. Click below for useful resources such as:

For additional support Boulder County early childhood professionals may contact Amy Carlough, Professional Development Program Manager, at 720-548-3984 or via acarlough@eccbouldercounty.org