Early Childhood Professional Credential 2.0

The Colorado Department of Education issues a voluntary child care professional credential that gives early childhood teachers and caregivers a way to demonstrate their professional education and experience from entry level to expert.

The Colorado Professional Credential increases the professionalism of the field by:

  • Recognizing increased skills
  • Standardizing personnel requirements for early childhood programs
  • Uniting those working in various segments of the early childhood field
  • Increasing salaries and benefits

Click here for useful resources from the Professional Development Information System (PDIS), including:

  • Five Steps to PDIS Success How to Guide
  • EC Professional Credential Worksheet
  • EC Professional Credential Definitions
  • Ongoing Professional Development Documentation Requirements
  • Credential Equivalency Chart for Child Care Licensing Requirements

Large Center Director Qualifications

The Colorado Division of Early Care and Learning provides an Official Large Center Director Qualification Verification Letter (OLCDQVL) for all individuals seeking employment as a director or substitute director of a large child care center in Colorado.

Click here for useful resources, such as:

  • Director Qualification Chart
  • Credential Equivalency Chart
  • Application Process
  • Renewal Process

Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) Certification

The Colorado Division of Early Care and Learning offers an optional Official Early Childhood Teacher Qualification Verification Letter from CDHS for individuals seeking to be assigned responsibility for a single group of children in a child care center.

Click here for useful resources, such as:

  • Credential Equivalency Chart
  • Early Childhood Teacher Chart
  • Application Process

For additional support Boulder County early childhood professionals may contact Nicole Malone, Quality Support Navigator, at 720-548-3985 or nmalone@eccbouldercounty.org.