The Boulder County Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) Partnership has created a Social Emotional Toolkit to support early childhood social emotional development and strengthen the capacity of staff, early learning teachers, providers, and parents to meet the relational needs of infants, toddlers, and young children.  The toolkit includes materials for providers and materials that are ready to share with parents.

You can download learn more about the Boulder County ABCD Partnership and download resources by visiting their web page here.

Provider materials include:

  • Social Emotional Development - talking points for providing outreach and technical assistance
  • Key Messages about Social Emotional Development
  • Infant Mental Health Infographic – a handout on 3 Reasons Good Infant Mental Health Matters
  • Waiting Room Poster – a poster depicting a child’s total development stages
  • Early Childhood Mental Health – an overview for early childhood providers

Educational materials for parents include:

  • How Children Cope with Emotions - a handout with tips for parents to help children manage their feelings and behaviors
  • Positive Solutions for Families – a brochure with eight practical tips for parents of young children with challenging behavior
  • A Guide for Families Seeking Additional Support for Their Child’s Development – A resource guide in both English and Spanish