Parents and Caregivers: Tell Us About Your Child Care Experience!

The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County is seeking input from families who are enrolled, seeking, have used, and/or are needing to find child care. Input will help us better understand the child care landscape in our community and inform our strategies for creating solutions.

Let's Build a Better Boulder County

Let's re-shape the landscape of Early Childhood Care and Experiences in our Community. Here are a few simple ways you can get involved.

    1. Support your Early Childhood Council- Early Childhood Councils exist across the state to help support and elevate local early childhood systems. Councils work in tandem with child care providers, families and community members to activate change that enables ALL youth to thrive.
      • Volunteer- To learn more about volunteering or how your expertise could be of use, contact Kaycee Headrick,
      • Donate- The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County is a 501c3 nonprofit that qualifies for the Colorado Contribution Tax Credit, where your donation is eligible for up to a 50% state tax credit. Your donation will allow us to be nimble and responsive to community needs. Click here to donate.
    2. Ask your Elected Officials to Prioritize Child Care- All government bodies have the power to make child care a priority in their communities. Studies show that communities with strategic and well-coordinated investments in childcare have greater outcomes in infant, toddler and preschool-aged overall health and academic readiness.

    3. Support your Local Child Care Providers- All child care providers could benefit from more community support. Whether you would like to organize a diaper or food drive, give a financial donation, or volunteer, child care providers are often the least resourced critical resource we have in our community. To find a list of providers in Boulder County, click here.