The council currently administers The Boulder County Early Childhood Collective Impact Collaboration and two significant service delivery projects: The Professional Development Program and the ECCBC Infant Toddler Quality and Availability.

The Boulder County Early Childhood Collective Impact Collaboration

According to Kania (Stanford Innovation Review, 2011) : “ The power of collective action comes not from the sheer number of participants or the uniformity of their efforts, but from the coordination of their differentiated activities through a mutually reinforcing plan of action.”   If we are going to make any substantive impact on large social problems, like kindergarten readiness, we need to bring together a diverse group of committed organizations to act in a mutually reinforcing way to impact a common goal.  To that end, ECCBC acts as the backbone organization for the Boulder County Early Childhood Collective Impact Collaboration.  The charge to this group is multi-fold:

  1. Act as technical early childhood experts to the ECCBC Board and all community organizations in Boulder County who are interested in the early childhood space (birth – 5)
  2. Keep the ECCBC Early Childhood Framework up to date with current best practices
  3. Oversee the publication of the ECCBC Indicators Report to the Community

ECCBC Professional Development Program

The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County (ECCBC) has received grants from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation, Boulder County Department Housing & Human Services and the Colorado Department of Education to provide professional development opportunities for child care providers in Boulder County.

Goals & Objectives

Goal #1.
Early care and education professionals in Boulder County will proceed on a recognized career development path. Activities include:

  • Professional development outreach and education
  • Colorado Early Childhood Professional Credential promotion
  • Financial incentives for college level coursework
  • Professional development data system promotion

Goal #2.
A range of professional development opportunities that meet identified needs of early care and education professionals will be available in Boulder County. Activities include:

  • Monthly Training Calendar
  • Growing Qualified Staff Directors Training Series
  • Provider Forums
  • EcoHealthy Child Care Workshops
  • EQIT: Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Caregiving Training

For more information, please contact Amy Carlough, Professional Development Program Manager at

ECCBC Infant Toddler Quality and Availability

The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County (ECCBC) has received a two year grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services to support the quality and availability of infant toddler care for CCCAP families in Boulder County. This project includes support for childcare centers that will participate in quality ratings or national accreditation. ECCBC provides funding and technical assistance for quality improvement and ratings improvement.

City of Boulder Child Care Recruitment and Training Program, Boulder County Public Health, Child Health Promotion and Mental Health Partners, Child Development Team are key partners in the project that provides child care providers with resources and support needed to excel in quality improvement.

Goals & Objectives

  • The quality of the nurturing and learning environment in participating child care facilities supports the school readiness of children.
  • Parent and family members are involved in activities designed to enhance the school readiness of their children.  
  • Providers, teachers and administrators have knowledge and skills in fostering school readiness and strengthening indicators of a learning organization.
  • Children have access to services and supplies that support optimal health and well-being.
  • The concept of continuous quality improvement as a priority in child care is promoted in Boulder County.
  • Tiered reimbursement for quality childcare is promoted.

For more information, please contact Kaycee Headrick, Chief Executive Officer.